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Golden Boronia Assorted Nougat

Golden Boronia Assorted Nougat Golden Boronia Nougat is made of the finest natural food ingredients with no artificial preservatives.

It is CHOLESTROL FREE and contains at least 50% roasted almonds in each batch.

Crunchy Nougat is a delightful nougat that explodes in the mouth with a tantalising nutty flavour that's locked in until the very last minute.  Far from brittle, yet definitely not soft, each bite sized piece is packed with energy and with over 50% nuts in every batch comes with a special crunch all of it's own.  Soft Nougat is chewy and melt in the mouth perfection.

An Assorted pack contains five flavours including Original Crunchy, Original Soft, Green Tea, Apricot and Cappuccino.

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